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It finally happened: I have been published in a real book!!

For the first time in life I am proud to say that I have not self published my writings, or put an eBook together: this time, I have published a book chapter in a real, paper printed book which hit the streets in mid July 2012.

Thinking Through Malaysia- Culture and Identity in the 21st Century- is an anthology edited by Julian CH Lee and Julian Hopkins. The former is involved in my next endeavor, that I decided to keep hidden for a while. This may be a right time to disclose: starting November 2012, I will be a PhD student at Monash University, Melbourne, at their School of Arts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My study will involve, incredibly, the punk and heavy metal cultures in Southeast Asia.

I am extremely proud and happy of this accomplishment: my efforts will be catered to the writing of a dissertation which will hopefully become also a published book. To keep things in focus, the present volume has one chapter titled Malaysian Rocks: an Introduction to the Contemporary Malaysian Extreme Music Underground, 2010-2011 and deals, simply enough, with an anthropological description of the Malaysian hardcore punk and heavy metal scenes as I lived them in the past 2 years from zero to full involvement. In brief, the abstract:

This article tries to set a background and describe the current Malaysian punk and extreme heavy metal music scene based on the ethnographic observations conducted by the author, who built strong ties and conducted extensive fieldwork among this unique Malaysian community across year 2010 and 2011. Knowledge has been obtained by attending music performances, visiting record shops, observing recording sessions, playing guitar in a band and befriending local heavy metal and punk musicians in Malaysia. This article attempts to describe the characteristics of extreme rock music genres and their fans in Malaysia, and analyze this reality under the perspective of “authenticity” of Westernized extreme rock musics’ in developing countries.

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but is a pioneer attempt to create a niche for myself and my writing, going a bit out of the usual travel topics, and getting into a more academic, serious approach. This may not have been the direction that most of my fans were expecting. However, in order to keep true to my current lifestyle and choices, and be able to call myself a “writer”, this is instead a great achievement that I want to celebrate with a toast!!!

The book is in English and can be purchased within Malaysia clicking here. I do not know about international orders, but try to log onto the site and place one. You can read more about this volume visiting its website by clicking here.



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