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“TAQWACORE – The Birth of Punk Islam” – My two cents

November 05, 2011 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asian Punk/Metal, Cinema, English, Music Visited: 1 Comment →

TAQWACORE – The Birth of Punk Islam” by Omar Majeed, 2009

Ok, I’ve just finished watching TAQWACORE and what’s better than penning down my fresh opinions in Monkeyrockworld? Nothing, especially as this is so much up my alley of interests. I do not want to be annoying retelling stories you may read elsewhere on the net, but in a nutshell, Eyesteel Films produced the documentary on the explosion of “Taqwacore”: what the heck is that? Muslim punk rock baby. Yep… if you can get more controversial than that, please try to explain it. Named after the famous novel “The Taqwacores” by Michael “Muhammad” Knight (which is another movie all to itself, not to be confounded with this one), TAQWACORE is the first wave of American punk bands (and well, all spectres of punk as we go from the almost ska outbursts of the Kominas to the full-on crusty sludge of Al Thawra) who earned a reputation for bringing it out on a quite impressive coast-to-coast American tour. This movie documents that trip on the “Green Van” of Taqwa (the Muslim concept of God consciousness), the reception from the American Muslim punks, a paradoxical road trip ending with a real punk performance at Chicago’s American Muslims conference. The Taqwacores really bring a spark of excitement in the otherwise dull, middle-class, plastic American punk contemporary scene by bringing new lymph into the movement. It is definitely interesting. (more…)

Esce un film su Tiziano Terzani, La Fine e’ il mio Inizio. Forse adesso e’ anche il mio.

August 08, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Cinema, Opinions Visited: 2 Comments →

Colgo l’occasione di una curiosa notizia riguardo l’uscita di un film sull’ultimo non-libro di Tiziano Terzani, “La Fine e’ il Mio Inizio”. Ironicamente, ma nemmeno tanto vista la biografia di questo personaggio al quale solo la Germania ha dato una possibilita’ di “formarsi” come giornalista di trincea e non solo a cavallo degli avvenimenti storici piu’ significativi degli oscuri anni ’70, il film non e’ italiano, ma ovviamente una produzione tedesca. E che cosa potevamo aspettarci? Incollo il trailer da vedere e gustare nella versione nazi sprachen, aspettando con curiosita’, sperando come molti di voi che non sia l’ennesima cagata. Succede spesso quando si tratta di adattare un’opera letteraria, soprattutto una di tale valore e complessa realizzazione come “La Fine e’ il Mio Inizio”. (more…)

Monkey Train Riding in India

July 08, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Cinema, English, India, Travels, video Visited: 1 Comment →

A little tribute collection of train rides, overnight and not, from my Indian trip in April 2010. It seemed important and funny to give a visual aid to understand the sheer fun of it… train was the transportation I mostly used, and I don’t regret any single trip I took. It is safe, relatively fast and hassle free (once you have purchased a ticket :-)) and mostly, it allows you to enjoy the scenic countryside views and meet real local people. I strongly suggest you travel in India using the train, and please enjoy my little video tribute to my Indian train adventures. They also make an incredibly cheap overnight hotel, remember!!

Sunday Nostalgia

May 16, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Cinema, English, Opinions, Travels, video Visited: 1 Comment →


It’s been a long time since I updated Monkeyrockworld. Why? Because I have spent a month in India, and I have been busy, and I didn’t bother thinking¬† about this stupid website, for all that matters. It seems like some people are getting offended or puzzled by what I try to say, so, better to shut the fuck up and enjoy my own time and my life, rather than trying to be the idiot Messiah of Independent Travel.¬† Honestly, today especially, in this hazy day interrupted by little showers of hot rain, after an airport pick up at 6 am and another late morning sleep to try to help with the recent lack of it, I just don’t care. I started thinking, as always, though, and I got nostalgic. I saw the little alien with the big head occupying the best part of my right arm, pointing a laser gun at my sorry ass face still encrusted with the dirt of sleep, and I remembered why I am a Monkey Motherfucker. My cultural roots are all over the place in the best extremities the world had to offer, and since it appears most of you are too busy hiding your heads into your own asses when it comes to talk about modern world and travelling, I’ll try to give you a Sunday shot of past awesomeness. Because you gotta understand the past, to understand the present, they say. (more…)

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