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Nazi Goreng by Marco Ferrarese is out now on Monsoon Books

October 22, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Asian Punk/Metal, English, Malaysia, My Books Visited: 1 Comment →

All systems go: my debut novel Nazi Goreng is available now from Monsoon Books, Singapore. I am extremely happy and excited about what will happen next!!

Here’s a shorter synopsis:

“Nazi Goreng is a disturbing story of one young Malay man’s coming-of-age in the big city and offers a stunning portrait of the racial tensions that pervade Malaysian society. Asrul is a fanatical yet naïve Muslim skinhead from small town Kedah, who finds escape in hardcore punk and aspires to life in the big city. After Asrul is recruited by friend Malik to join a neo-Nazi skinhead gang, the boys move to Penang to realise their racially fuelled teenage dreams.

Petty acts of ethnic violence against immigrant workers and minority groups in the name of Kuasa Melayu (Malay Power) earn Asrul limited social empowerment and occasional ridicule, so it is not without trepidation that he follows Malik again, this time into the seedy world of the Malaysian narcotics trade, where selling drugs offers quick money and street respect.”

Non-Asian readers, fear not as the book’s available in both paperback and eBook editions in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. If you are in Southeast Asia, look for it in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. The book will be available through Amazon in the next few days, please be patient. For a complete list of retailers, please follow this link.

Performing for PAK MIE’s Dogs!

October 09, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asian Punk/Metal, English, Malaysia, Music Visited: No Comments →

I will be playing with WEOTSKAM on Saturday 19th October @ Soundmaker, Penang, to help raise funds for Pak Mie’s Dog Shelter in Alor Star, Kedah. Watch the story of this Malays man taking care of a dog shelter, in the face of his religious faith limitations that, at least in Malaysia, deems dogs as “dirty creatures”. (more…)

Marco Ferrarese dalla Cina per MUCCHIO

September 08, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Asian Punk/Metal, China, Italiano, Music Visited: No Comments →

Continua la collaborazione tra il sottoscritto e la celeberrima rivista musicale IL MUCCHIO. Avevo già collaborato con loro a Gennaio 2013, e ora mi trovate di nuovo nel numero 710 di Settembre. Stavolta parlo di Rock in Cina, e non traccio tanto una storia. Faccio invece un’analisi del significato del rock nella Repubblica Popolare Cinese dai suoi inizi punk nei tardi novanta, e seguo la sua evoluzione sino ad oggi. Per chi non lo sapesse, la Cina infatti ha avuto una grande e riottosa scena punk ed è stata invasa da qalsiasi tipo di musica – rock e non – quando Deng Xiaoping ne ha aperto le porte al commercio con l’estero.

Sono cambiate tante tante troppe cose in Cina dal momento in cui ci ho vissuto nel 2007/8, viaggiato nel 2010, 2011 e 2012… insomma ogni volta che ci ritorno, si respirano sempre forti venti di cambiamento. La prossima volta mi sa che faccio l’hipster, mi affitto una delle tante case vacanze disponibili, e mi ci fermo per un bel pò per rivedere, riesplorare, ricapire cosa succede in questa sconvolgente Terra di Mezzo. E non solo dal punto di vista musicale.

Comunque, l’articola si chiama Rock in Cina – Il Dragone Sdentato e citando il sommario del MUCCHIO, vi anticipo che “la storia della ‘repubblica popolare del rock’ si è consumata in un decennio appena, ma prima di perdersi nel delta del consumismo, c’è stato un tempo in cui lo yaogun è stato duro, ribelle e spericolato“… insomma, potreste anche divertirvi a leggere. Soprattutto se considerate che nell’articolo ho intervistato alcuni dei luminari dello yaogun e del punk cinese, come Valentina Pedone, David O’ Dell, Jonathan Campbell e l’esimio Dott. Daniele Massaccesi.

Dunque fate i bravi, andate in edicola, comprate il numero e fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate.

WEOTSKAM “Six Pack Tsunami Attack!!” is almost here

August 16, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asian Punk/Metal, English, Malaysia, Music Visited: No Comments →

How can I not be happy when a project that has been stretching in time for almost two years is about to see the light of day?? Whoo-hooo!! WEOTSKAM “Six Pack Tsunami Attack!!”, the first full-length of my Malaysian band,  will be out at the end of the month!!! FOR REAL!!! It will be 11 songs of blazing, locomotive Orangutanic Tropical Hardcore Scum Destruction from Pualu Mutiara Penang, the finest in the Orient… are you ready for THE HIJACK????

About me, well, what to say? It’s cool to play in a band again, but really, I have no high ambitions. I am just trying to do a good job, have some fun, and release a series of records. But it looks like the tropical bonanza here makes things quite slow, on every front. Well, at least we made it with this one… I am quite proud of it, actually…

If you want to order a copy, get in touch with Kandar Mosh

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