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Marco Ferrarese Preferred by The Browser

April 12, 2014 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Asian Punk/Metal, Bangladesh, English, Marco Ferrarese writing, Music Visited: No Comments →

My recent debut on Roads and Kingdoms, “The Dark Joys of Bengalcore” where I tell about my exploration of Bangladesh’s capital extreme metal music scene, has been selected among writing worth reading by The Browser. This site crawls up the whole world wide web looking for very interesting material, and well, I guess they found my adventure quite enthralling.

Fantastic to be found among prose by the likes of greats such as William Dalrymple, and even Hunter S. Thompson. This warms up the heart very much.

The suggestion is to go and read the article then, as I’m not the only one to say it’s indeed pretty great.

DISSECTOR – Bangladesh Thrash Metal Gem

March 22, 2014 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asian Punk/Metal, Bangladesh, English, Music Visited: No Comments →

This is surely not the first time I chant the praises of Bangladesh’s extreme music scene, one of the most brutal and surprising I encountered thus far in my travels across Asia.

Dhaka has a burgeoning subcultural scene that gravitates around the University of Liberal Arts… funny how a bunch of eggheads are the ones saving the musical destiny of a country that most consider as an assemblage of wreckage, flood and destruction. Well, let me tell you that it’s all what you’re going to get listening to DISSECTOR, a very interesting old-school thrash metal band from… errr… DHAKA!! Where else, actually? Barisal? Probably not.

Yes. It’s all been heard a thousand times before. The riffage is a blend of Slayer, early Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, “Agent Orange”-era Sodom, and other Teutonic thrash such as Destruction and Kreator. BUT… it really sounds tight, fresh, and good. Tropically good. South Asian good, like a hot plate of Chicken Kasha garnished with the right masala. Oh yes…

In a metal world that’s currently bent backwards, inspecting the 1980s leftovers of crap around his own arsehole and assessing which one’s the most authentic, I pick modern day DISSECTOR’s “Samsu the Slaughterer” and raise my horns to the sky!!!


Marco on WILD JUNKET: Bangladesh

September 19, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Bangladesh, English, Travels Visited: No Comments →

I published a new article in the Summer 2013 issue of WILD JUNKET magazine. This time, I take you by hand across the four corners of Bangladesh to discover one of the most unspoilt South Asian countries. Check a few lines here:

“In the sultry heat of Bangladesh’s Comilla region, I awake from my slumber to find myself hemmed in by a group of villagers. They’re staring at me as though I were stark naked. One of them, a bare-chested young man with legs wrapped tight under a checkered sarong, crouches at the foot of the bed drilling me with his piercing gaze. At my side, a couple of women look down at me while laughing and twirling colorful headscarves around their fngertips.”

Read the full article here and enjoy the pictures provided by Kit Yeng Chan, and let me know what you think in the comment boxes below if you wish. In Autumn, I will most likely come up with a good surprise from a bit further West… stay tuned and support WILD JUNKET!

Dall’Asia all’Europa in Autostop – Memoria 9 – Bandarban

June 26, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Bangladesh, Italiano, Journey to the West, Travels Visited: No Comments →

Dopo aver viaggiato dall’Asia all’Europa via terra e facendo l’autostop, ho visto tante, troppe belle cose, situazioni e posti. Ho dunque deciso di proporvi una serie di post che mostrino quel che mi e’ piaciuto o mi ha colpito di piu’. Possono essere citta’, posti, locali, ristoranti, situazioni, esperienze, persone, qualsiasi cosa. Lo scopo e’ di mostrarvi una bella foto (opera di Kit Chan) e raccontare brevemente una delle nostre esperienze. A questo punto, andate a guardare voli economici e lasciare la vostra routine italiana almeno per un po’, saremo felici di avervi “illuminato”. Ecco la nona foto, un ritorno al mio amato Bangladesh:

Bangladesh – Capre nei CNG di Bandarban

Amo questa foto. Rappresenta l’ordinata, rassegnata anarchia che domina le strade del Bangladesh, e soprattutto dei suoi placidi Hill Tracts a sud di Chittagong… una delle altre zone dove il Sud Asia si mischia col Sudest Asiatico, e non si capisce piu’ se si sta in Birmania, in India, o nel Bengala… incredibili zone di confine che immediatamente tolgono ogni sneso a visa, passaporti e confini da carta geografica.

Esperienza indimenticabile:  la foto in questione e’ stata scattata a Bandarban al mercato del venerdi’ mattina, a pochi chilometri da dove il Bangladesh si scrolla l’Islam di dosso e diventa Birmania. Sicuramente uno dei mercati piu’ interessanti e colorati che io abbia visto in Asia – e vi assicuro, ne ho visti tanti. Il ruolo commerciale dominante e’ svolto da donne di etnia Marma (…Myanmar? Assolutamente SI) che tirano fuori merci di ogni tipo dai loro sacchi di yuta, continuando a masticare imperterrite le punte dei loro sigari cheroot lunghi quindici centimetri. L’espressione di questa donna stanca, pronta a tornare a casa, stretta nel suo sari indiano ma dietro a una faccia birmana, mi ha colpito a fondo perche’ pare proprio che guardi dentro la camera, e ti chieda qual’e’ il tuo problema. La capra nera nascosta tra le gambe dei passeggeri di dietro rende omaggio a Satana e consacra questa come una delle memorie piu’ belle della nostra esplorazione del Bangladesh piu’ oscuro…

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