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Southeast Asia Train Travel Guide on BootsnAll

January 21, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Travels, Vietnam Visited: No Comments →

picture credit: Flickr/Eliduke

If you are about to travel to Southeast Asia and fancy trying to slow down your movements by train, you may want to have a look at my new BootsnAll article,  Everything You Need To Know About Train Travel in Southeast Asia.

I have tried to give some honest suggestions based on my experience traveling by rail in the region. The article outlines the main routes, gives tips on booking trains and buying your tickets  in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar, and adds up with some.

I especially enjoy train travel a lot because it gives me time to read: slowing the pace down and relaxing on the seat, the rails are one of the best places I experienced to make books become alive.

If you are interested in more train travel, you may also want to check my suggestions on Traveling by Train in India.


Travel for Aid: in Iran by Pushbike Part 1

May 19, 2011 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Australia, China, English, Indonesia, Interviews, Iran, Opinions, Travels Visited: No Comments →


We left Matteo Tricarico in India, during his Travel For Aid odissey across Asia into Europe… after a short stint in Dubai, Matteo is now in Iran, a fascinating country full of culture, deserts and very hospitable people…

Before beginning this journey, I read on the internet diaries of other cyclists who travelled through Iran in the last ten years and their words reassured me since they all spoke highly of the kindness, hospitality and friendliness of Iranian population. So far, but I’m pretty sure that I will not change my mind; I can join in exalting these features of the Iranians. In the last eighteen months of travelling I could recall hundreds of examples people’s kindness and courtesy, regardless of the country where I was, I believe that in the case of Iran the “surprise” is due to negative image that the Western media give of this country. It does not seem possible that the citizens of an anti-western and traditionalist Islamic theocracy, where the Sharia is the law of reference, can be warm, friendly and even expansive towards Western travellers, who are supposed to be “infidels” trying to corrupt the local youth. The surprise to find so open and sympathetic people towards foreigners is the result of bias, combined with the prejudice, which comes from American propaganda, that  would like to submit to the Westerner rules this country that, among other things, is a  large producers of oil and natural gas and therefore it is to be stripped of these natural wealth … (more…)

Sumbawa in moto verso l’ignoto Part.2

February 27, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Indonesia, Sumbawa, Travels Visited: 3 Comments →

A dire la verità, non sappiamo nemmeno dove sia, nè cosa sia Maluk; ci ostiniamo solamente a seguire i cartelli verdi e la strada asfaltata e ben tenuta, una cosa strana che non ti aspetteresti osservando la spina dorsale montuosa che si estende tutto attorno, sopra e sotto di te, e diventa accecante di colore verde una volta che il cielo si apre e la luce piena del sole ci rimbalza sopra. (more…)

Sumbawa in moto verso l’ignoto Part.1

February 15, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Indonesia, Sumbawa, Travels Visited: 4 Comments →


Se non decido di fare qualcosa di strano e non normale non sono contento. Mi fregio di questa attitudine, e la metto in pratica tutte le volte che posso. Recentemente, ci provo sempre. Aborro il trasporto puibblico ormai, ho passato ore e ore di mesi spensierati chiuso come una sardina nei pullman più scassati d’Asia, a volte anche nei più comodi, come in Vietnam, in Malesia o a volte in Cina, ma non ce la faccio più. Non sopporto le stazioni dei bus, i mortaccioni che cercano di venderti qualunque cosa, e gli orari. Odio dovermi presentare quando vogliono loro, e non poter fare quel che dico io, quando lo voglio io. Così a Bali sfrutto l’asso Kuta e mi accaparro una moto per un mese al prezzo di 30 euro tutto compreso, e siccome la smezzo per 10 giorni con Illka from Finland, mi costa nemmeno 20. Un affare. E soprattutto, una libertà senza limiti. Cercherò da ora in poi di viaggiare sempre con un mezzo mio, proprio, tranquillo, sicuro. vai dove vuoi, và dove ti porta il cuore.  (more…)

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