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How to travel Langkawi on the ultra cheap

September 12, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, China, English, Malaysia, Myanmar, Opinions, Travels Visited: 1 Comment →

Monkeyrockworld Jackman

After one year, I finally made it to Langkawi to show the island to my family coming to visit from Italy. Langkawi to me was the idea of a tourist trap, the kind of place I always try to avoid. Partially my idea was true: Langkawi boosts all the kind of infrastructure you would expect from a super developed tourist destination. The good side is, among the hotels, resorts and parks scattered along its coasts, Langkawi still has a very wild, lush nature, and a predominantly Malay Muslim population making its more secluded corners look like some part of Malaysian East Coast. The fact this place has been declared as a tax-free zone and alcohol is finally readily and cheaply available is definitely a plus for tourists and drunks alike, making it look more like a verdant mix of Bali and some Thai island rather than an outpost of backward Muslim Malaysia.

This said, I’ve never been to Langkawi before because I thought it wasn’t cheap: on the surface, it is not, but as always, I can manage to find my places and this is why I am writing this article: The internet has a dreary shortage of cheap ass information about Langkawi, and this is exactly why I decided to give my two cents on the matter. (more…)

300 giorni di viaggio: Matteo Tricarico da Kathmandu, Nepal

August 16, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, India, Interviews, Myanmar, Thailand, Travellers, Travels, Vietnam, Volunteering Visited: No Comments →

Matteo Tricarico - India 8 aprile 2010

La Travel for Aid ha presentato la relazione dei 300 giorni di viaggio del progetto sportivo-umanitario Dal Vietnam all’Italia in bicicletta per i  diversabili, che sta portando Matteo Tricarico a percorrere in bicicletta in solitaria la distanza di 30.000 chilometri dal Vietnam all’Italia. La finalità umanitaria dell’iniziativa consta nel sensibilizzare ed informare l’opinione pubblica sulle condizioni dell’infanzia disabile, andando ad incontrare i bambini in istituti per diversabili nei paesi attraversati.

In questi primi dieci mesi di viaggio sono stati percorsi oltre 10.000 chilometri, da Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, proseguendo per la capitale cambogiana, Phnom Penh (ottobre 2009) e poi per quella thailandese, Bangkok (ottobre 2009). Di seguito, l’itinerario si è snodato nuovamente attraverso la Cambogia (novembre 2009) e a nord sino alla capitale del Laos, Vientiane (dicembre 2009) ed è continuato per il nord della Thailandia (gennaio 2010). Sono seguiti il Myanmar (febbraio 2010) e tre mesi in India (febbraio-aprile 2010) per raggiungere l’estremo sud del Subcontinente e ritornare a Calcutta, prima di entrare in Bangladesh dalla frontiera est. Due mesi (maggio-giugno 2010) in Bangladesh e indi il viaggio è proseguito verso nord al confine sud-est del Nepal e successivamente per la sua capitale Kathmandu, per un soggiorno di altri due mesi (luglio-agosto 2010). (more…)

Global tribe: in Memory of Dan Eldon

August 02, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Myanmar, Opinions, Travels, video Visited: No Comments →

A collaboration between Sam Stavros and Antonio Graceffo. Twenty-two year-old Reuters photographer, Dan Eldon and was stoned to death in Mogadishu, Somalia. In addition to covering conflicts in Africa, he personally organized aid and relief missions to help the starving people. Dan’s mother. Kahy and sister, Amy published his diaries and art work in a book, “The Journey is the Destination.” (more…)

Running on the Lake Part 2

February 14, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Myanmar, Travels Visited: 2 Comments →

Inlay Fisherman striking pose, Myanmar

“You see, my government is crazy”

“Why?” I hope finally this time around, in the peaceful setting of the middle of a lake, without anybody hearing us, I’ll be enlightened by the conversation I’ve been waiting for three weeks to happen. (more…)

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