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Wicked World releases issue 2

September 06, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Wicked World Visited: No Comments →

WickedWorld2_Cover-455I am proud to announce the release of the second issue of Wicked World, a digital magazine project I am involved with and that I did not have the time – really folks, believe me, life’s super hectic these days – to properly publicize on Monkeyrockworld. This is another world, in fact: Wicked World, and oh boy, if it that dares to be different. Unrestricted by commercial considerations, it remains free to challenge, question, and tell the truth about the business of international travel. We’re not here to sell expensive guided tours, round-the-world gap year tickets, or travel insurance, but exist primarily to provide a platform for the kind of honest, alternative and irreverent travel writing that wouldn’t normally find a home in more mainstream publications.

In Issue Two you will find articles on: the walled Muslim city of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia; the Sultan of Sulu and the disastrous recent invasion of Sabah in Borneo; frenzied voodoo ceremonies in Benin; the sculpture of Iran’s Ahad Hosseini; the strange religious cult of Caodai in Vietnam; Thailand’s spirit tattoos; the sacred city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka; rapidly changing Cuba; and the punk rock scene in Penang, Malaysia.

You can read the present issue in digital format clicking here.

If you feel like you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute to the Wicked World project, or would simply like to know more, then feel free to contact either me at marco@wickedworld.net or tom@wickedworld.net.

Southeast Asia Train Travel Guide on BootsnAll

January 21, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Travels, Vietnam Visited: No Comments →

picture credit: Flickr/Eliduke

If you are about to travel to Southeast Asia and fancy trying to slow down your movements by train, you may want to have a look at my new BootsnAll article,  Everything You Need To Know About Train Travel in Southeast Asia.

I have tried to give some honest suggestions based on my experience traveling by rail in the region. The article outlines the main routes, gives tips on booking trains and buying your tickets  in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar, and adds up with some.

I especially enjoy train travel a lot because it gives me time to read: slowing the pace down and relaxing on the seat, the rails are one of the best places I experienced to make books become alive.

If you are interested in more train travel, you may also want to check my suggestions on Traveling by Train in India.


Travel for Aid: from Thailand to Cambodia Part 1

May 20, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Cambodia, English, Thailand, Travels Visited: 1 Comment →

We continue transmitting the chronicles of Matteo Tricarico’s new biking trip from Asia to America…

(This is the hundredth chronicle of this journey. Planned while I was on the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam in August 2009, it was supposed to last no longer than ten months! If I had followed the original plan, I would never have written 100 chronicles making my life so public. Thank you to you all, my readers. I apologize if I bored you or, if you enjoyed reading my travel stories, please continue to follow me, encouraging me to write more of them. I am sure that over the next two years we will have even more fun …)

On 17 February 2012 in the morning, with a day of delay from the timetable that was further elongated, Marta and I cycled heading north inland, moving away from ​​the Gulf of Siam. Just after the Elephant’s hills, we met another couple of cyclists from Australia who were going in the opposite direction and we stopped to chat with them exchanging some information about ourselves and the respective routes. This is a fundamental rule of a cycle-tourist good etiquette: always stop to chat and socialize with other fellow cyclists, with whom one shares the same passion for slow pace travelling; members of the same small club of bicycle wanderers literately treading every inch of the Earth. (more…)

Scimmioguida Casi Studio 6: Alessandro Ursic

May 15, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Case Studies, Interviews, Italiano, Scimmioguide di Viaggio, Thailand Visited: No Comments →

Continuiamo con la motivazione, presentando altri casi di persone che, come me o diversamente da me ma con tratti comuni, hanno deciso di vivere delle vite “fuori dalle righe”. O, per dirla in maniera piú realistica, “fuori dagli uffici”. Loro hanno comprato il famoso volo low cost  e stanno vivendo il proprio sogno.

Il sesto Caso Studio e’ dedicato ad Alessandro Ursic, originario di Trieste, che attualmente vive a Bangkok –facilmente raggiungibile dall’Italia con voli Blu Express - dove fa il corrispondente estero per l’Ansa e tante altre varie cose che preferisco farvi  raccontare direttamente da lui…

Ciao! Puoi presentare brevemente la tua situazione all’estero?
Ciao, mi chiamo Alessandro Ursic, sono di Trieste ma dal novembre 2008 vivo a Bangkok, dove lavoro come giornalista freelance per varie testate italiane. Su tutte l’Ansa, la Stampa, diverse riviste. Recentemente ho anche realizzato un documentario per Rai News intitolato “L’anno nuovo della Birmania”, vorrei spostarmi piano piano sul video. Negli ultimi due anni ho pian piano dedicato più tempo anche all’insegnamento dell’italiano, sia all’università sia in lezioni private, tramite l’associazione di cultura italiana Dante Alighieri. Insomma, mi tengo occupato! (more…)

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