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Wicked World releases issue 2

September 06, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Wicked World Visited: No Comments →

WickedWorld2_Cover-455I am proud to announce the release of the second issue of Wicked World, a digital magazine project I am involved with and that I did not have the time – really folks, believe me, life’s super hectic these days – to properly publicize on Monkeyrockworld. This is another world, in fact: Wicked World, and oh boy, if it that dares to be different. Unrestricted by commercial considerations, it remains free to challenge, question, and tell the truth about the business of international travel. We’re not here to sell expensive guided tours, round-the-world gap year tickets, or travel insurance, but exist primarily to provide a platform for the kind of honest, alternative and irreverent travel writing that wouldn’t normally find a home in more mainstream publications.

In Issue Two you will find articles on: the walled Muslim city of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia; the Sultan of Sulu and the disastrous recent invasion of Sabah in Borneo; frenzied voodoo ceremonies in Benin; the sculpture of Iran’s Ahad Hosseini; the strange religious cult of Caodai in Vietnam; Thailand’s spirit tattoos; the sacred city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka; rapidly changing Cuba; and the punk rock scene in Penang, Malaysia.

You can read the present issue in digital format clicking here.

If you feel like you have something worthwhile and relevant to contribute to the Wicked World project, or would simply like to know more, then feel free to contact either me at marco@wickedworld.net or tom@wickedworld.net.

Southeast Asia Train Travel Guide on BootsnAll

January 21, 2013 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Travels, Vietnam Visited: No Comments →

picture credit: Flickr/Eliduke

If you are about to travel to Southeast Asia and fancy trying to slow down your movements by train, you may want to have a look at my new BootsnAll article,  Everything You Need To Know About Train Travel in Southeast Asia.

I have tried to give some honest suggestions based on my experience traveling by rail in the region. The article outlines the main routes, gives tips on booking trains and buying your tickets  in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar, and adds up with some.

I especially enjoy train travel a lot because it gives me time to read: slowing the pace down and relaxing on the seat, the rails are one of the best places I experienced to make books become alive.

If you are interested in more train travel, you may also want to check my suggestions on Traveling by Train in India.


Travel for Aid: From Hanoi to China Part 1

June 20, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, China, English, Travels, Vietnam Visited: No Comments →

We continue transmitting the chronicles of Matteo Tricarico’s new biking trip from Asia to America…

Since I crossed the Mount of Clouds in Vietnam, exactly twenty days ago, I have not seen the sun and it is the norm at these latitudes at this time of year, when the warm equatorial air meets the Arctic cold. Our star is perpetually hidden by a layer of leaden clouds, so low as to cover the hills tops and become a thick mist that reaches the ground. Although it is easier to cycle with temperatures below 25 degrees during the day, the humidity, which turns into heavy and frequent downpours, soaks me to the bone. I can not get rid of the smell of sweat combined with mildew, both on my skin and on my clothes, even after vigorous washing with soap. The advantage is that I am proceeding very quickly in order to reach the China Sea Western coast, where I should come back to the sun. I am going so fast that, for the first time since the beginning of this journey two years ago, I am ten days ahead of schedule. (more…)

Travel for Aid: leaving Cambodia for Vietnam Part 2

June 12, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Travels, Vietnam Visited: No Comments →

We continue transmitting the chronicles of Matteo Tricarico’s new biking trip from Asia to America…

On 13 March, while Marta was climbing the ladder of the first of four aircrafts and three trains that in the next 48 hours would take her back to Manfredonia, I started cycling on Highway 1A, from 1975 called “the Reunification Highway”. For the first few days, I continued to talk with my former travelling companion. I imagined she was still with me and I said things like: “Marta would have liked this dish” or “Marta would have surely loved this place”, then I adapted to the fact that I am now continuing alone.

I lived in Vietnam for two years working as a guide for tour groups. I have been in much of the country, but always by plane or bus. Thus, that was the first time that I crossed overland the entire length of this long nation. It was like rediscovering it: I thought I had seen the most beautiful and picturesque corners and, as often happens, these are not necessarily the most popular tourist destinations.  (more…)

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