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How to fly relatively cheap from Australia to South East Asia

August 16, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Australia, Malaysia, Travels Visited: No Comments →

vista coda aereo

It’s no mystery now that a few low cost flight connections have made this route potentially one of the cheapest in the world. It’d be very nice to be able to leave Australia by land from Darwin port, hop on a boat and be dropped off somewhere around Dili, Timor East, or Kupang, Timor West, and keep on going from there, but unless you are ready to spend a lot of time asking around, that’s not going to happen… I recently met an Italian skipper going out from Darwin to Bali on a yacht cruise, but hell, I had to stay and work my ass off at Superpizza. Maybe next time…


10 reasons why you shouldn’t go on an Australian Working Holiday Visa

August 09, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Australia, English, Opinions, Travels Visited: 17 Comments →


I’m 3 weeks away from my departure date, and I decided to write a quick post outlining, from my experience, the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t go to Australia on a working holiday visa as of august 2009.

Preparing for a new spin of the wheel

August 06, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Australia, English, Opinions, Travels Visited: 2 Comments →


It’s incredible how life can change day by day. You are riding a bike across Darwin, day and night, sleeping on a boat, camping in the public areas and taking showers with other unknown naked people in a public toilet one day, and the next you find yourself surrounded by the comforts of a house again. This up and down of living conditions has been heavily affecting me, and now, the last 4 weeks before I leave Australia I really understand how tragic (and awesome) my life has gotten to be. (more…)

The Age of Superpizza

July 30, 2009 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Australia, English, Travels Visited: 4 Comments →

dscn0553.JPGHere we go, paraphrasing a Turbonegro’s song, talking about my mutation from free thinking globetrotter to daily grind slave. But Superpizza, well, always going with Turbonegro’s song, “you’ve got nothing to lose”. It’s important for me to talk about my workplace, first of all because it’s probably one of the best Italian restaurants in Darwin, and second because at the moment it’s a big part of my life. Well, I can almost say it’s all of my current life, honestly, for I work there every day and have been doing so since June 10th. (more…)

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