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For Malaysia against Lynas

March 05, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Malaysia, Opinions, video Visited: No Comments →

Although I am traveling in India and I should think of other things, I take a break chance to bring to your attention the Lynas problem in Malaysia.  Possibly, mr. Namewee in the video above has shown his concern too colorfully, but I like his style and I side with his middle-finger toting thinking.

Lynas is an Australian mining company which has convinced some of the “smart” Malaysians in power to allow the operations of a branch in Kuantan, Pahang state.  This will create some highly disrupting environmental problems related to the toxic waste’ s disposal.

You can have more information by following this blog

This is a very serious situation that tells much about Malaysian government, politics and their hunger for money. I am just disgusted, and try to push the message to my readers in order to raise a few more eyebrows on this total rape of a beautiful land which will survive much better without three legged children and a radioactive, dying rainforest in the upcoming future…

Inizia il mio programma radio: Journey to the West

February 26, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, India, Italiano, Journey to the West, Opinions, video, Volunteering Visited: 3 Comments →

Come qualcuno di voi sa o avra’ intuito, questo 2012, almeno per il momento, me lo sto riservando per un lungo viaggio senza prendere voli. Ho deciso di coronare un sogno che mi gira in testa da prima ancora daver lasciato l’Italia quattro e passa anni fa, ovvero di fare Asia- Europa via terra.

Il tutto nacque dalla scontata influenza della lettura di “Un Indovino mi Disse” di Tiziano Terzani, senza infamia e senza lode. Ora, e’ giunto il momento di farlo e sono seriamente intenzionato a tentare di tornare a casa per vie terrestri, senza ricorrere all’utilizzo di voli low cost.

E’ nato dunque il progetto Journey to the West. (more…)

An Interesting Piece of Research

January 08, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, India, Travels, video Visited: 1 Comment →

Please take one hour of your time to check out this documentary put together by a crew of  very “special travelers”. I found it thanks to a friend and had a very good time watching it. These guys have made their passion a full time job which is taking them around the world.  I thought this may be inspirational for many of you following me out there, plus it is indeed a great teaser of some of the areas of Northwest India I will be visiting in around two months time.

Relax, kick back and enjoy, and check out what some of these crazy Italians have done with their lives… maybe  questionable choices, but definitely enlightening. Think over it!

Sri Lanka, Bentota: a morning stroll at the Fish Market

January 26, 2011 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Sri Lanka, Travels, video Visited: 3 Comments →


A few days before leaving Sri Lanka, we stayed in Aluthgama with our friend Saman. Besides working on a lot of video materials to support  Helianto organization (they will come soon, I’m just too busy to take care of it at the moment) we had a chance to explore the daily life of Sri Lanka in deeper detail. The fish market experience in Bentota was particularly mind opening. We saw the content of the fishing boats plying the routes along the Eastern coast of India emptied in front of our very own eyes. (more…)

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