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More Bagan Tigers for the Masses

November 28, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Music, Myanmar, Travels, video Visited: 1 Comment →


The night was dark (and I have to tell you I am sorry for the video recordings), but you cannot really help when your country just switches off the generators and the electricity is non existent anyways: the moon was our lamp, the torchlight opening up the vision of the night… together with the cigarettes’ burning ends and the flashes provided by some lighter. And of course, Kit Yeng’s flashlight. The blues poured down the night’s throat like an ungodly wine… we needed a real singer, and we needed it bad, before Monkey Motherfucker decided to make it even worse… enjoy the RAWK from Myanmar first and most primitive BLUES PUNK, offered by the one and only BAGAN TIGERS…  (more…)

Monkey Motherfucker is BACK with THE BAGAN TIGERS

November 20, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, China, English, Interviews, Music, Myanmar, Opinions, Travels, video Visited: 5 Comments →


Hell yeah, it took me so long to fix up a new computer, find a PCI card supporting a damn Firewire port, and finally unearth some fantastic, lost, incredible footage I shot in Myanmar almost one year ago. I almost forgot I found a band when I was there… a “one night stand band” in Bagan… THE BAGAN TIGERS!!! The best, most soulful rawk n blues to ever come out of Western Burma since the Britsh left!! Fuck yes, probably even before!! Possibly, the ONLY blues to have ever come out of Burma as of today!! (more…)

Global tribe: in Memory of Dan Eldon

August 02, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Myanmar, Opinions, Travels, video Visited: No Comments →

A collaboration between Sam Stavros and Antonio Graceffo. Twenty-two year-old Reuters photographer, Dan Eldon and was stoned to death in Mogadishu, Somalia. In addition to covering conflicts in Africa, he personally organized aid and relief missions to help the starving people. Dan’s mother. Kahy and sister, Amy published his diaries and art work in a book, “The Journey is the Destination.” (more…)

Monkey Train Riding in India

July 08, 2010 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, Cinema, English, India, Travels, video Visited: 1 Comment →

A little tribute collection of train rides, overnight and not, from my Indian trip in April 2010. It seemed important and funny to give a visual aid to understand the sheer fun of it… train was the transportation I mostly used, and I don’t regret any single trip I took. It is safe, relatively fast and hassle free (once you have purchased a ticket :-)) and mostly, it allows you to enjoy the scenic countryside views and meet real local people. I strongly suggest you travel in India using the train, and please enjoy my little video tribute to my Indian train adventures. They also make an incredibly cheap overnight hotel, remember!!

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