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Inizia il mio programma radio: Journey to the West

February 26, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, India, Italiano, Journey to the West, Opinions, video, Volunteering Visited: 3 Comments →

Come qualcuno di voi sa o avra’ intuito, questo 2012, almeno per il momento, me lo sto riservando per un lungo viaggio senza prendere voli. Ho deciso di coronare un sogno che mi gira in testa da prima ancora daver lasciato l’Italia quattro e passa anni fa, ovvero di fare Asia- Europa via terra.

Il tutto nacque dalla scontata influenza della lettura di “Un Indovino mi Disse” di Tiziano Terzani, senza infamia e senza lode. Ora, e’ giunto il momento di farlo e sono seriamente intenzionato a tentare di tornare a casa per vie terrestri, senza ricorrere all’utilizzo di voli low cost.

E’ nato dunque il progetto Journey to the West. (more…)

Playing guitar for Butterflies in Delhi

February 23, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, India, Journey to the West, Travels, Volunteering Visited: No Comments →

After a bit over one month on the road, finally my humanitarian-cum-music project has officially started in India’s capital Delhi thanks to the help of a few people and two organizations: CIAI World in Italy, and Butterflies in India.

First and foremost, my thanks go to Maria Alessandra Verrienti of CIAI  who put me through Butterflies organization  in Delhi, and also hosted me for a couple very relaxing days – thank you so much, it was so great to break the tiredness of my long journey with your amazing family. She liked my project and contacted the amazing Butterflies organization in Delhi: they are in charge of several projects, but I got to visit only the Night Shelter at Chandni Chowk during my visit on February 14th. A great, diverse way to spend a St. Valentine’s day without my partner -who’s now here in India with me, in charge of the projects’ videography- (more…)

Charitable school project in Bodhgaya

February 08, 2012 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Journey to the West, Travels, Volunteering Visited: No Comments →

As a first stop during my “charity discovery tour” in India I visited the village of Sujata, just behind Buddhist pilgrimage center – and Tibetan refugee colony – Bodhgaya, in Bihar state. If Bodhgaya is a bit more developed, although desperately poor, Sujata represents real Bihar’s backwater: the kind of Indian village where houses are half built, their walls covered in thick cow dung’s cakes, and most people roam jobless looking for something to do under the scorching sun. (more…)

Travel For Aid: the Odissey Ends in Italy

October 19, 2011 By: Marco Ferrarese Category: Asia, English, Travels, Volunteering Visited: No Comments →

Matteo Tricarico, whom we followed through his bicycle Odyssey from Vietnam to Italy, has finally reached home after almost two full years on the road. Congratulations to you, Matteo!!! I am so envious of you I am turning green right now!! The following is Matteo’s last diary from Italy. Hoping to be soon able to embark on a similar adventure, I give you matteo’s final words, and I invite you to contact him if you desire to bring him to talk about his trip in your clubs, associations, homes or whatever else in La Dolce Italia….

Matteo Tricarico journey end
Day 736, chronicle 098, Manfredonia (N41°37.633′ E15°54.941′) Italy, 15 October 2011 2:55 pm -

The trip ended Sunday, October 9 at 12:15 when I got off my bicycle and I shook hands with the mayor of Manfredonia, Angelo Riccardi, who greeted me at the headquarters of the LUC (Urban Cultural Laboratory). A stage was prepared there and I received plaques, trophies and other awards from representatives of the municipality of Manfredonia, the Olimpic committee of Foggia, the UISP Gargano, associations for diversity “Il delfino” and “Occhi felici” (happy eyes), Avis and the Association Gargano 2000. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised and genuinely touched by the warm welcome back I received from both the authorities and the citizens of my home-town, a worthy grand finale of two years of travels. It still seems unimaginable and incredible to me, even if I personally experienced it. Although not even a week has passed since I reached my destination, my cycling life seems already distant in time, belonging to another phase of my existence. Not being in the middle of the “action”, I find it hard to tell about the last month cycling from Thessaloniki, where I wrote the previous entry of this diary. I am composing this last chronicle on the old high school desk in my youth bedroom at my parents’ house, and I cannot help remembering all those places where I laid my computer to describe the prominent facts of the adventure. It is the first time in my life that I kept a diary and found it a very useful exercise to rethink and reflect on what happened, besides being a way to ponder and draw lessons. Even if I have always tried to make the story interesting for you, oh my readers, I ask pardon of the tedium I may however have caused you. (more…)

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