reasons to visit pakistan

Travel Pakistan

We love Pakistan. It has just resurfaced from a time when tourism was not an option, and it’s now safe to visit — and more beautiful than ever. We consider Pakistan as one of the very last frontiers for independent travel in Asia, and have visited most of its cities, staggering peaks, and dusty deserts. Come discover Pakistan with us.

Travelling in Pakistan

reasons to visit pakistan

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Pakistan E Visa

Good news: in the past year, the process of lodging a Pakistan visa application has become easier. Probably even too easy when compared to when we applied for a Pakistan Visa in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. These days you don’t need to visit a Pakistani embassy anymore, and what’s more important, […]

Travel Pakistan as a Couple

The Truth on Traveling as a mixed race couple in Pakistan

If you read this blog, you should know that myself and Kit are a biracial couple. Yep, one of those “Asian girl marrying white guy” success stories, if I may say. We had our interracial marriage in Italy, and then re-registered our wedding under Malaysian law. We totally got hitched. […]

reasons to visit pakistan

7 reasons why you should visit Pakistan now

First of all, let me ask the main question: is it safe to travel to Pakistan now? Short answer: yes, pretty much. Pakistan is no longer the “danger zone” it used to be since the 9/11 attacks in the United States and the ensuing rise of the Taliban regime in […]


Essential Guide to touring the Karakoram Highway by Motorbike

If you are reading this travel guide to the fabled Hunza Valley, you may already know what the Karakoram Highway is. One of the highest paved roads in the world, the Karakoram Highway was completed in 1979, and opened to the public in 1985 as the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway. We […]


How to get a Pakistan visa in Kuala Lumpur

How to get a Pakistan visa in Kuala Lumpur? Even if we managed to hitchhike all over Iran and touring with folding bikes in Indonesia, we have tried, without success, to go to Pakistan for years. I still remember that morning in Kathmandu, in 2012, when someone from the buzzer […]

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