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Hey! We are an Italian/Malaysian mixed-race couple who, since 2009, has traveled from Malaysia to Italy overland multiple times. Almost 10 years later, we still live in Southeast Asia, from where we keep hitting the roads less-trodden and the countries most misunderstood, writing and photographing our adventures for some of the world's best travel publications. It's time to get back to where everything started - this website - to provide you with inspiring travel information that will seriously make you want to jump off that office's window - especially if you have well-passed your 30s... because, if we can do it, you can do it too, wherever you live! We are here to prove it, and you'll just love it.
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7 Alternative Sabah Tours to Consider for your Next Borneo Holiday

It’s time for a Borneo holiday and you decided to go on a Sabah tour. There are certainly a lot of options, but if you ask us what to do in Sabah, we always prefer to stay off the beaten path. In other words, a Sabah trip doesn’t always have […]


Sungai Kapur: the best alternative Borneo River Cruise in Sabah

You know what? The problem with traveling to Sabah is that people always stick to the same well-oiled tourist spots, without taking time to explore some of the best alternative tours in Sabah. For example, the southeastern corner of Sabah, has a lot of great places to see, like the […]


A perfect Borneo Orangutan Tour at Bukit Piton, Sabah

Think of Borneo, and the usual images of steamy tropical jungles, murky rivers, beautiful and ancient forests (read about our hiking experience at Tawau Hills Park and the Sungai Kapur Borneo River Safari), and wild adventures will come to mind. For many, a trip to Borneo means looking for wildlife, and, […]

tawau_hills_park mount lucia hike

Ultimate Guide to Hiking at Tawau Hills Park and Mount Lucia in Sabah

What to do in Tawau? Well, for sure, hiking in the Borneo rainforest: Tawau Hills Park is Sabah’s southernmost forest reserve, situated about 20km north of Tawau town. It’s still an offbeat destination that few travelers to Sabah visit — likewise, you should check our guides to a Borneo orangutan […]

tangkoko national park

How to visit Tangkoko National Park, North Sulawesi’s wildlife jewel

We are surprised that, with such a bounty of wildlife, Tangkoko national park in North Sulawesi still remains such an offbeat nature reserve in Indonesia. It’s one of those forest reserves, like the Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, that really deserves to be better known — also don’t […]

unexplored places in India cycling Ladakh

19 Unexplored Places in India: Offbeat Adventures for your India Bucket List

The Taj Mahal, Delhi’s forts and North Indian Hill Stations such as Manali are among the many unmissable places on any India bucket list. True, they are famous… but are they really unmissable? When it comes to dealing with huge crowds, congested festival seasons, and overpriced accommodation, I and Kit […]

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