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Hey! We are an Italian/Malaysian mixed-race couple who, since 2009, has traveled from Malaysia to Italy overland multiple times. Almost 10 years later, we still live in Southeast Asia, from where we keep hitting the roads less-trodden and the countries most misunderstood, writing and photographing our adventures for some of the world's best travel publications. It's time to get back to where everything started - this website - to provide you with inspiring travel information that will seriously make you want to jump off that office's window - especially if you have well-passed your 30s... because, if we can do it, you can do it too, wherever you live! We are here to prove it, and you'll just love it.
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Tibet Nepal border crossing Kyrong

Complete Guide to Crossing the Tibet Nepal border at Kyirong

When thinking of touring Tibet the best choice, in our opinion, is to combine the visit with an overland exploration between China and Nepal. You may know however that in 2015, the terrible Nepal earthquake damaged the former border post of Zhangmu on the Friendship Highway, making overland travel between […]


Xining to Lhasa Train: the Stress-Free Guide on How to Get to Tibet by Train

We finally bit the bullet and travelled to Tibet by train from Xining, in Qinghai, Western China. This post describes the experience of travelling from Xining to Lhasa by train, what we believe is the most scenic — and also healthiest way, considering the potential altitude sickness issues — to […]

kerala itinerary kochi offbeat

Alternative 10 Days Kerala Itinerary to Get off the Beaten Track

Kerala, on the southwestern tip of India, is one of its most visited states, and also the one with the highest literacy rate. There are many places to visit in Kerala, especially for those who love nature: from hidden backwaters to jungle and dense forest, Kerala is full of beautiful […]

kochi backwaters bicycle tour

Why you Should Explore the Offbeat Kochi Backwaters on a Bicycle

Kerala may be the most visited state in India, and Kochi its most famous city. The Chinese Fishing Nets of Fort Kochi are absolutely one of the most photographed images in South India, and the town gets its fair share of tourists throughout the year (for a very different Indian […]

worst places to visit in southeast asia kuta beach bali indonesia

22 Worst Places to Visit in Southeast Asia That Will Give you the Creeps

Southeast Asia may as well be one of the most visited areas of the world. Blessed with hundreds of kilometers of coastline and beaches, amazing islands, mountains, and a smorgasbord of different ethnic groups and cultures, it certainly has a lot to offer travelers. Did we say it’s also very […]

reasons to visit pakistan

Ultimate Guide to Getting a Pakistan E Visa

Good news: in the past year, the process of lodging a Pakistan visa application has become easier. Probably even too easy when compared to when we applied for a Pakistan Visa in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. These days you don’t need to visit a Pakistani embassy anymore, and what’s more important, […]

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