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Tibet and the Tibetan areas of Western China are a place we love very much and explored in deep detail. We have also worked on guidebooks to China for the Rough Guides covering the best part of the Tibetan Plateau … we certainly have some great first-hand information to share with you. Get off the beaten path in Tibet with us.

Travelling in Tibet

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45 Useful tips for Traveling to Tibet in 2020

To many, travel to Tibet is the stuff of dreams. High mountain passes, ancient Buddhist culture (have you been to Ladakh too?), friendly people, yaks, stunning turquoise alpine lakes, and of course, the chance of seeing Mount Everest are all incredible travel experiences. We promise you that if you travel […]

Tibet Nepal border crossing Kyrong

Complete Guide to Crossing the Tibet Nepal border at Kyirong

When thinking of touring Tibet the best choice, in our opinion, is to combine the visit with an overland exploration between China and Nepal. You may know however that in 2015, the terrible Nepal earthquake damaged the former border post of Zhangmu on the Friendship Highway, making overland travel between […]


Xining to Lhasa Train: the Stress-Free Guide on How to Get to Tibet by Train

We finally bit the bullet and travelled to Tibet by train from Xining, in Qinghai, Western China. This post describes the experience of travelling from Xining to Lhasa by train, what we believe is the most scenic — and also healthiest way, considering the potential altitude sickness issues — to […]

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