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Indonesia is just beyond our very own backyard, a nation offering endless opportunities for adventure. Beyond the famous tourists hotspots like Bali and Java there are thousands of undiscovered gems waiting for perceptive travellers. With so many offbeat islands, nooks and crannies, discovering all that this archipelago has to offer is not possible even in a whole lifetime. But you can start by getting off the beaten path in Indonesia with us.

Travelling in Indonesia

tangkoko national park

How to visit Tangkoko National Park, North Sulawesi’s wildlife jewel

We are surprised that, with such a bounty of wildlife, Tangkoko national park in North Sulawesi still remains such an offbeat nature reserve in Indonesia. It’s one of those forest reserves, like the Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, that really deserves to be better known — also don’t […]


22 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in Asia for Adventurous Couples

Who said that a honeymoon must be a boring affair of swinging legs and cocktails on a blissful tropical beach? We certainly say NO: I and Kit married in 2017 in Italy, at the end of an overland hitchhiking trip from Tehran to Ankara in Turkey. We love travelling so […]

best festivals in asia

13 Must-See Asian Festivals you Can’t Miss

Asian festivals and celebrations are some of the most interesting, colourful, odd or plain crazy in the whole world. With so many nations, cultures and ethnic groups, the top festivals in Asian countries can be hard to track down, though. So we asked a specialist and a friend, French photographer […]

PELNI the World’s last cruising ships

PELNI Ferry Survival Guide: Wicked tips to enjoy a ride on the World’s last long-distance Ships

With so many cheap airfares available in Asia these days, who would ever think of traveling by sea, trading a handful of hours for long days on a ship? We did (well, we also spent two weeks train hopping from Siberia to Europe, or cycled for 5 days between Kuala […]

touring with folding bikes

4 Crucial Things We Learned Touring with Folding Bikes

We have been toying with the idea of touring with folding bikes for a long time. Not only we have met several inspiring touring cyclists in incredible places over the years, but we also felt that after using buses, trains, planes, hiking, hitchhiking in odd places, 4-day-long boat trips on […]


How We Got a 60-days Indonesian Visa in Bangkok

The typical Indonesia travel conversation  always goes like this: “I am going to Indonesia.” “Great… I hope you’re not just going to Bali.” “Sure not. I want to go travel off the beaten track, see the places where few people are going. There are so many islands to explore, I […]

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